Hello, I am Flynn! I am currently living in Baltimore, where I am a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University where I am researching models to analyze videos for tasks such as visual sound source localization and action segmentation.

I also occasionally perform improvisational experimental music with custom software that I develop on the side, and tinker with manipulating computer vision algorithms to create interesting artwork as well.

This is my blog to share things that I’m working on and write about things that I’m trying to learn. You can expect topics here on anything from computer vision, machine learning, mathematics/statistics, signal/image processing, music, or anything else that’s interesting.

Feel free to email me or shout at me on Twitter if you want to say hello!


Wait, isn’t your name Michael?

Technically yes. At some point in my life people started referring to me by my last name, and I just went with it. I forget how it happened. It’s more interesting, to be honest.

Also, it lets me recreate a scene from Tron:

$ whoami

Why zo7?

It looks like someone who’s ready to fight! …